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“Our Success And Growth depends on our people”

Our employees come from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds and are able to work in a dynamic professional environment that values individual perspectives.

We provide numerous opportunities to our employees in both technical and support functions. These are backed up with enriching technical and behavioral training programmes, providing our employees with tremendous scope for growth and development. We groom our employees into world class leaders, providing them opportunities on a global platform that is unmatched in the industry. We recognize human resource as the backbone of our long-term success and have consciously and consistently focused on increasing the value-add per employee.

Our Work Culture

Our work culture is deeply influenced by our values which underlie our work, and define how we interact and which strategies we employ to fulfill our mission. Below are the values that characterize everything that we do... Extraordinary opportunities for growth: We offer positions that allow you to challenge the tried and true, and to collaborate across technologies and continents.

Training & Development

World-class in-house classroom training facilities and on-the-job training builds foundation for a truly flexible career path. We believe in investing in our employees as they are the architects of our future.

Rewards and employee benefits

At Providian, rewards are performance-driven. Our policies are in sync with industry trends and are based on consistent internal benchmarking. Our reward programs are aimed at empowering our employee to appreciate excellence in performance.


Integrity is demonstrated through intent. Our intention is always to be fair and honest to others and ourselves. We deliver on what we say, regardless of the circumstances in all that we do

Respect for Individuals

We build trust by respecting the ideas and contributions of everyone. We embrace diverse global cultures and create a supportive environment, working as a cohesive team and treating others the way we would like to be treated

Customer First

Our internal and external customers are the most important elements in our business. Our quality and speed of service to them will be a demonstration of how important they are. The customer must always be at the center of all that we do

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Our thirst for change and continuous improvement ensures that everybody is encouraged to generate new and creative ideas. We must also seek feedback continuously to build an agile and proactive organization that is prompt to respond to the present and future needs of our customers

Learn More about Providian

You’ll find in-depth information in the About Providian (create link to about us) Channel.

Career Opportunities

Given below are the openings in India & Middle East region


  • You have the opportunity to join a growing company focused on the future.
  • We believe that a healthy organization is built to meet the needs of its employees as well as our clients. It is our core value to be an employee-centric organization.
  • We want to find experienced professionals who are looking for an entrepreneurial environment to thrive in. We offer an environment where people are free to explore and encouraged to voice new ideas.
  • We believe every member of our team is unlimited in their potential and we create the environment for that potential to thrive.
  • Participate in the CRM revolution and help make client better manage their customers.
  • Be a part of a market leader in the growing CRM & ERP vertical.
  • Global exposure at Providian extends beyond geographical boundaries. This means working on world-class projects on a global scale and exploring cutting-edge technologies. The opportunity to understand, interact, and work with people from cultures all over the world creates kaleidoscopic avenues for learning.

Current Openings:

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Developer Mumbai
Software Engineer Mumbai
Pre-Sales Engineer Mumbai
Developer Middle East

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