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Infor CRM Visual Analyser is a comprehensive, interactive Business Intelligence tool that allows you to bring your Infor CRM data to life. Infor CRM Visual Analyser delivers customizable dashboard views of key Infor CRM data, for a low cost of deployment, providing your organization the insight needed to extend your competitive advantage.

Gain Critical Business Intelligence

The ability to make fast, reliable decisions based on accurate and usable information is essential to most business enterprises. The Infor CRM Visual Analyser solution was specifically designed to support customization of dashboard features to illustrate your business state-of-health in a format that is meaningful to you. There are ten pre-built dashboards to choose from, depending on how you and your team prefer to slice and dice critical Business Intelligence. Infor CRM Visual Analyser fluidly pulls together your existing customer data residing in the Infor CRM database into a consistent, single point of analysis for everyone—from executives, to sales, marketing, and service employees.

Infor CRM Visual Analyser enforces the security settings your administrator has put in place for Infor CRM. Therefore, when you change a security setting in Infor CRM, it updates Infor CRM Visual Analyser, streamlining work for administrators and ensuring users will see only the data their security profile allows.


  • Analyse critical business metrics that illustrate your organization’s state-of-health.
  • Make fast, reliable business decisions based on accurate and usable information to help shift strategic priorities.
  • Focus your teams’ efforts on the most effective activities.
  • Optimize your investment by connecting important customer data stores for a more holistic view.

Infor CRM Advanced Analytics is a powerful, yet easy to learn and use interactive analytics solution that enables you to increase organisational and customer intelligence, shape strategic priorities and make informed business decisions. Bring your CRM data to life and maximise your investment in Infor CRM by analysing data and key performance indicators from across your organisation for a deeper understanding of business and team performance and to identify the drivers of and barriers to success.

With Infor CRM Advanced Analytics, Infor CRM users at every level of your organisation can monitor productivity, analyse trends and identify issues that enable them to focus attention and resources on the most profitable business activities and provide the insight to make decisions that positively impact your bottom line and extend your competitive advantage.

Infor CRM Advanced Analytics provides pre-built, fully-integrated dashboards that span all CRM functions, including Sales, Marketing and Support. Users can easily analyse data by defining parameters and metrics then interacting with dashboard visualisations via filter, drill and pivot capabilities. Analyse CRM data as well as CRM-related data from multiple external sources such as ERP, CTi, spreadsheets, CSV files and web services for a holistic view of customers and an understanding of key business processes. Dashboard content can be easily customised and managing access to sensitive, CRM-related data is simple, as security is governed by user and team profiles in Infor CRM.


  • Increase organisational and customer intelligence by analysing CRM-related data from across your business3.
  • Uncover trends hidden in data to make informed business decisions and shape strategic priorities based on actionable analysis.
  • Extend your competitive advantage by focusing attention and resources on the most profitable business activities.
  • Increase productivity by enabling users at every level to gain the insights they need to identify drivers of and barriers to success.

Experience Superior Interactive Visual Analytics Capabilities

  • Utilise interactive controls to define dashboard parameters and metrics, methods of calculation, data to display and more.
  • Select data elements, mark records and drill into multiple levels of details. Create new visualisations with drill-down data and change the way data is summarised through pivoting.
  • View a list of individual records that contribute to the values in a dashboard. Locate specific records that are causing issues or contributing to success.
  • Utilise hierarchy, range and list filters to limit dashboard data based on a date range, opportunity value, individual sales person and more.
  • Select from multiple graphically-rich charts and visualisation tools including Bar, Pie and Line charts, Combination charts, Tree Maps, Heat Maps, Scatter Plots and Bubble Charts.
  • Include multiple analyses as tabs within a dashboard. Each tab may contain a set of charts, grids and other controls for analysing data.
  • Access convenient toolbar controls for undo/redo, export to Excel®, PDF and CSV, and to print charts, tables or entire dashboards.

Utilise Pre-Built Interactive Dashboards to analyse performance and trend

  • Leverage a comprehensive library of pre-built, interactive dashboard content and metrics that span CRM functions, including Sales, Marketing and Customer Support.
  • Assess key sales performance metrics with pre-built dashboards covering Sales by Geography, Historical Sales, Sales Forecast, Sales Pipeline, Win/Loss, Opportunity Trends, Ranking and Productivity Analysis.
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns using the Campaign Analysis dashboard to analyse response metrics and determine ROI.
  • Improve customer service and support by acting on insights provided by dashboards covering Ticket Volume Trend, Open and Closed Tickets and Ticket Activities.

Deploy and manage easily for Low TCO

  • Deploy Standard User Licences for all CRM end-users and Professional User Licences for developers and administrators to create and publish custom dashboards, tabs and queries, integrate new data sources and manage user profiles. Infor CRM Advanced Analytics1 users must be licensed Infor CRM users.
  • Infor CRM Advanced Analytics is an add-on solution that is fully-integrated with Infor CRM, enabling seamless interaction, quick access via the navigation bar and single sign-in.
  • Rely on sophisticated security to manage administration rights and access to sensitive, CRM-related data. Infor CRM Advanced Analytics strictly enforces the data security profiles defined in Infor CRM for users and teams.
  • In-memory analytics and data compression techniques enable fast, powerful analysis of data and minimise use of memory.
  • Analyse CRM-related data from multiple sources of data, including Infor CRM, ERP and business management solutions, Web services, CTI/Telephony systems, spreadsheets and more.
  • Perform administration quickly and easily via the Infor CRM Administrator and a flexible data mapping tool.

Powerful and highly flexible, TopLine Dash is the easy-to-use real-time dashboard based reporting tool for ACT!. Choose from Personal or Manager editions to view data for yourself or for all of your ACT! users on one screen within the ACT! application.

Work Effectively

  • Centralize and organize all key activities, opportunities, histories, notes, custom tables, companies and contacts in one view.
  • Manage your database - Realign territories. Reschedule multiple activities or opportunities at once.
  • Communicate faster by emailing one or more histories directly from the dashboard.
  • Create follow-up activities from your pipeline list.

Analyse Insightfully

  • Compare, analyse and drill down on activities, histories, opportunities, custom tables, products and queries or graphs.
  • Monitor and quantify sales performance with key performance indicator (KPI) statistics. Calculate sum and average.
  • Easily create multiple-table queries with SQL statement auto-generation.
  • Build exception reports and identify neglected accounts.
  • Set targets for activity and opportunity levels to identify gaps and adjust sales plans.
  • Choose from many templates and easily customize your own dashboards using our Dashboard Wizard. Drag and drop panels and fields.

Report Instantly

  • Share your dashboard as a report in PDF format.
  • Export any list to MS Excel.
  • Use TopLine Dash Alerts bundle to automate your dashboard reporting.

Customizable Views:

Add any database fields or custom tables to your list views. Quickly save or reload your favourite dashboards. Copy or drag and drop dashboard panels and columns. Select different users for each panel. Move the legend as needed.

Custom Tables:

View and graph related custom tables side-by-side in the same view, e.g. projects, tickets and contracts.

Contact Details:

Preview an editable contact layout by clicking on any lists of activities, opportunities, queries, histories, notes or products.


Create customized opportunity lists or drill-down graphs, auto-calculate counts, gross margins, weighted totals and actual totals. Create follow-up activities directly from your pipeline report.

Contact Lists:

List your most important dynamic or ad-hoc group of contacts and edit them.


View, filter and sort by history types and create history summary drill-down graphs. Right click to email history items.


View your selected products by sales stages, date range in a list or drill-down graph.


Update the dashboard by selecting filters and sorting on the fly. Update multiple opportunities and activities simultaneously. Create look-ups from your notes, histories, activities, opportunities or custom tables.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

View and filter your sales metrics on activities, histories or opportunities, e.g., number of calls, emails, quotes, new opportunities, win/lose ratio calculations and more.


Print your favourite dashboard panels as a PDF and share with others. Create read-only dashboards. Email selected histories.

What's New Report:

View the last synchronization, new contacts, histories, notes, opportunities and activities for each user.

Export to Excel:

Export activities, notes, histories, opportunities, contacts and KPI statistics to MS Excel format.

Stonefield Query puts Business Intelligence reporting in the hands of the end-user where it belongs.

Whether you are a project manager, business intelligence analyst, programmer or end user, you’ll find Stonefield Query is a powerful query builder and report writer. It has a simple "wizard" interface allows you to create your own reports in just minutes..

Simply select which fields to report on from the list of available fields (with meaningful descriptive names rather than cryptic names and symbols), and you're done! You don't have to know complex stuff like join conditions; Stonefield Query takes care of that for you.

For finer control, you can customize how each field appears, including column heading, grouping, and totaling. The easy-to-use filter dialog allows you to include or exclude specific records. Use the sort page to order the information as you need it. Finally, save the report so you can edit it, copy it, or make it available to others to run.

  • Stonefield Query enables your company to meet its reporting needs quickly and effectively in the following ways.
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure - No need for expensive Hardware, Software, Implementation, Maintenance Overhead costs.
  • Rapid installation and Deployment - Complete your install and deployment hours not days.
  • Minimum or no user training - Stonefield Query database reporting tool is so easy to use that end users with minimal computer skills can produce reports quickly.
  • Eliminate the IT Bottleneck - Stonefield Query eliminates the IT bottleneck by allowing the end user to access their information without placing demands on IT resources.
  • Rapid ROI - Stonefield Query has a very attractive costs of ownership, minimal deployment time and superior ongoing support.
  • Significantly increase productivity - The "self-service" business intelligence reporting capabilities of Stonefield Query delivers a proven increase in productivity for both IT and the business end user.

Extend the life of your data - Using the built in export/import utility you can extend the life of your legacy applications. responsible for laying out fields, adjusting sizes and headings manually. Stonefield Query automatically places fields and headings on the report and sizes them appropriately. You can create a report in Stonefield Query in just seconds with only a few mouse clicks. Grouping, sorting, totaling fields, and filtering are as simple as selecting the desired option from a list.


Many companies today are challenged with trying to access information stored in their enterprise software systems in a timely and meaningful manner. They often have to rely on a number of rudimentary, technical and time-consuming ERP and Third Party analysis and reporting tools to make important business decisions.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is an innovative, self-service Business Intelligence solution engineered for ease of use and performance. Sage Enterprise Intelligence’s intuitive User Interface and advanced features provide real-time access to enterprise-wide information, quickly and securely. More than BI, Sage Enterprise Intelligence supports data entry and business logic applications such as budgeting and forecasting. Sage Enterprise Intelligence is a comprehensive, single Business Intelligence offering that helps companies of any size improve business performance management.

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Real-Time Access to enterprise data
  • Fast to deploy, simple to administer
  • Worry-Free secure access
  • Slice, Dice and Drill into transaction detail
  • Consolidate information from all systems
  • Beyond BI capabilities
  • Fully Web and Mobile
  • Fully Integrated with Sage 300 ERP
  • Prebuilt Sage 300 ERP templates
  • Excel analysis and reporting with Sage
  • Enterprise Intelligence Excel Add-In Module
  • Engineered for Performance
  • Grows in tandem with business needs
  • Low Total cost of Ownership
  • Used by thousands of satisfied users

Easy Access

Sage Enterprise Intelligence’s intuitive User Interface makes it easy to access enterprise information quickly and securely. Sage Enterprise Intelligence is fast to deploy and administer, and it uses technology that you already own. It’s powerful yet easy to learn features and function provides self-service data analysis and reporting for everyone.


The need for companies to have immediate access to critical business information has never been so important. Sage Enterprise Intelligence is designed and engineered to provide realtime, integrated and high performing access to multiple data sources. Users have everything they need at their fingertips to make informed and timely business decisions.

Beyond BI

Sage Enterprise Intelligence’s advanced features include data entry and business logic capabilities. It’s open framework can be used to build Sage Enterprise Intelligence processes such as budgeting and forecasting, with the ability to validate and transfer data between Sage Enterprise Intelligence and enterprise software applications.


Sage Enterprise Intelligence’s own security layer makes optimal use of existing standard database security to ensure the protection of your enterprise data and its integrity. It also provides powerful security features, including the ability to add field level controls to your existing data. Keep it simple or take advantage of Sage Enterprise Intelligence’s powerful security layer to ensure that critical business information is never compromised.

To make effective decisions, you need to see an accurate and detailed picture in terms of business and customers. But with data growing at an average rate of 56% per year, it’s simply impossible to manually sift through numerous data sources to collect relevant data. Managers and executives can easily become overwhelmed and make poor decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate information.

Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) Intelligence Reporting is the answer to spreadsheet chaos and data fragmentation. Built for the needs of small and midsized businesses, it has tools to control, automate, and analyze your data across all areas of your business so you can make better decisions to help grow your business.

Intelligence Reporting accesses the information already contained in Sage 300 ERP and gives you a secure environment to run and store reports. It has user-friendly features that help reduce the learning curve, like intuitive drag-and-drop tools that make it simple to design reports, and it uses a familiar Microsoft® Excel® environment to create, view, and edit reports in.

Intelligence Reporting automates the reporting process to streamline your efforts, resulting in greater efficiency. Not only can your personnel run reports at the click of a button, they can also schedule them to run at the most optimum time of day, for example during off-peak hours, and then automatically distribute them in the required format to those who need to see them.

Easily implemented, Intelligence Reporting requires minimal IT support. Intelligence Reporting connects seamlessly with Sage 300 ERP and enables you to pull data from most external systems, allowing data consolidation from ODBC-compliant databases across the company.

To gain insight, you can create interactive dashboards with Key Performance Indicators that let you quickly see the information you need, either textually or graphically, and drill down capabilities give you further insight into the numbers. With immediate visibility into all process statuses, your managers and executives will be able to make informed decisions quickly.

With additional Intelligence Reporting module components available, you have the flexibility to build a robust reporting system that does what you need it to do and fits your business’s unique reporting needs.

Get your data under control, turn it into useful information, and get up to a 25% increase in reporting productivity with Sage 300 ERP Intelligence Reporting.


  • Quickly identify and respond to trends using customizable dashboards.
  • Use drag-and-drop formulas to easily create and manage financial reporting.
  • Develop in-depth financial, operational, customer, and vendor reports.
  • Efficiently view, manipulate, analyze, and distribute reports in a familiar Excel format.
  • Effortlessly consolidate data from multiple companies, divisions, and databases.
  • View your organisation in many different ways through flexible Reporting Trees and Reporting Groups.
  • Extract up-to-the-minute high-level summaries, account groupings, or detailed transactions.

Features and functionality

Sage 300 ERP Intelligence Reporting has four modules for purchase dependent on your reporting requirements:

Report Viewer

  • Run existing reports in real time when you want them.
  • Your results are delivered in Excel with the ability to drill down with the click of a button.
  • Parameters can be set at the time of running your report.

Report Manager

  • The Report Manager user license allows you to do everything the Report Viewer user can do as well as:
  • Edit and customize your standard report templates and save them for future use
  • Create new reports to suit your business requirements
  • Sort, drill down, and aggregate your data
  • Automatically distribute reports to anyone who needs them on the platform they require; that is, send reports to a file, publish to an intranet site, or send by email with automated report distribution
  • Set permissions and security for your relevant reports to determine who can view and access which reports

Report Designer

  • The Report Designer gives you two methods to create and control your financial reports depending on your Excel knowledge
  • Predefined layouts are available for Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Trial Balance
  • The Report Designer enhances your Excel experience and offers you maximum control and flexibility over your financial report layouts
  • Reporting Trees allow you to model a reporting structure and view your organization in many different ways
  • For financial reporting only, you are required to have Microsoft Excel 2007 and above


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