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Overview: TaskCentre v4.5

TaskCentre® offers a unique state-of-the-art Business Process Management (BPM) Suite; enabling organizations to cost effectively build, operate and maintain any number of automated processes. TaskCentre® brings people, systems and information together within an organization through the acquisition, manipulation, dissemination and integration of information; offering a generic approach to automated processes specifically designed to meet precise business requirements.

TaskCentre® is based on the central concept of the Task, which performs part or all of a business or technical process triggered by one or more Events. Designed visually in a drag & drop graphical user interface (GUI), each Task can contain any number of interrelated and sequenced Steps, which are created using a wide range of highly-functional Tools. The range of Tools available provides pre-built, flexible and seamless integration with existing information sources, applications, technologies, formats and communication channels, without the need for complex programming.


Tools are arranged into six distinct categories based on the functionality that they provide. These are Event, Input, Format, Output, Execute and General. They expose and consume information to and from each other and can be used in almost limitless combinations and sequences to provide for the business requirement in-hand. Tools are provided as plug-and-play components, so that the breadth of functionality of any implementation can be easily expanded as and when required.
Task Centre Functionality

To learn more about the functionality TaskCentre will add to your business application(s) please select a category from the following:


More than ever, organizations today are striving to achieve efficient, consistent and measurable processes as a pre-requisite to delivering quality to their customers. Maintaining alignment with, and auditing of a (Quality) Management System without the right technology foundation is a challenging, time consuming and costly endeavor.. Workflow enforces consistency in the organization's processes and can therefore play a fundamental part in the acceleration of company performance and the development of a sustainable competitive advantage. Yet, to date, most traditional Workflow systems are reliant on the individual to identify and start a workflow process rather than this being dynamic, event-driven and integrated with their own systems.

The problems caused by traditional approaches to workflow are also exacerbated by the number of people and departments that business processes can cross and, therefore, the requirement for intelligent Workflow functionality is high on the IT agenda.

Through TaskCentre®, organizations are able to add Workflow capabilities to their existing software applications, which immediately increases productivity, eradicates administrative waste and enhances stakeholder relationships.

Data Services & Integration

Organizations now require business applications that 'talk to each other' or that can be updated dynamically with credit management, sales and marketing or property details from online data services. Indeed, data or application integration has never been more fundamental to the success of today’s business and the TaskCentre Business Process Management (BPM) Suite has a proven track record of addressing these challenges.

TaskCentre® bridges the gap between disparate information systems or online web services, by providing a graphical process modeler and comprehensive operating environment that either dramatically reduces, or totally eliminates the need for complex integration development. By design TaskCentre® delivers and manages process integration, ensuring that systems 'play nicely', no matter how complex the requirements. Integration services developed through TaskCentre® include.

Document Automation

The creation, distribution and management of business documents are commonplace activities for management personnel and administrative staff alike. Traditional document concepts still form the backbone of structured business communications and transactions.

TaskCentre® Document Automation functionality provides tools that enable organizations to connect existing applications and systems, which can automatically generate and distribute document flows, to all the company's stakeholders and trading partners.

Whether they’re reports, letters, order acknowledgements, invoices or statements, structured and repetitive documents can be automatically generated, presented and delivered via a variety of formats and channels..

Advanced Business Alerts

Organizations today need to ensure that they are instantly notified of situations before or as they happen, enabling them to make better informed decisions based upon critical data events. In today’s information age, organizations now manage an ever increasing array of information systems, which inherently possess little or no functionality to generate notifications based upon data events or criteria.

TaskCentre® provides comprehensive tools and design capabilities to integrate with any number of existing applications or systems to provide people with the information needed to make timely and accurate decisions; whenever and wherever they are located.

Web Content Publishing

Communicating with company stakeholders and ensuring that they have access to and visibility of relevant information is vital in the current competitive environment. Cost-effective communication will help to develop long-term beneficial relationships and contribute to future organizational growth.

Within an organization, valuable knowledge typically resides in ring-fenced information 'islands', often within departmental or organizational boundaries. However, making this information more widely accessible to employees, partners, customers and other stakeholders is labor-intensive and cost prohibitive.

Using TaskCentre®'s Web Content Publishing capabilities, online information can be automatically generated, published and updated according to user-defined rules.

Subscriptions & Requests

Today's consumers and business partners want information on demand. We require specific data as it becomes relevant and demand that it is sensitive to the channel through which we make the requests. Fuelled by our increasing reliance upon the internet and the expansive growth in mobile devices, information on demand is expected in every dimension.

For any organization, supplying dynamic information services places considerable strain on its human resources, but to ignore these needs and not develop an offering would be to risk losing out to the competition. For example, the speed and accuracy of the response to an initial enquiry forms the very first impression of your organization.

TaskCentre® provides a range of tools to develop and maintain highly configurable and user defined 'subscription based services or request-response' mechanisms that integrate tightly into any organization’s databases and information systems. The development of a 'self-service' infrastructure to automate the delivery of information is accelerated. Furthermore, TaskCentre® enables any organization to easily adapt and evolve to the constantly changing face of customer requirements.

Knowledge Sync

KnowledgeSync is your organization's key to alert messaging. With it, you can monitor business applications and incoming e-mail messages for critical, time-sensitive information, send out alerts, and update applications with the most timely data.

With Knowledge Sync you are able to achieve the below listed activities.

A Smoke Detector for Your Business

Business Activity Monitoring. Every organization has critical information and transactions that need monitoring. A prospect who has not been followed-up with; a contract that is about to expire; a pricing error. Sage KnowledgeSync monitors all your business data – both within your Sage Software product lines, and beyond. Providing every organization with much-needed Exception Management, Sage KnowledgeSync identifies and responds to conditions that fall outside of an organization’s standard operating procedures and enables organizations to avoid saying "If only we had known".

Automatic Form, Document, & Report Delivery

Most organizations today spend far too much time manually running, distributing, and delivering various forms, documents, and reports to both their internal employees and external clients and partners. Sage KnowledgeSync automates both the production and delivery of such documents, whether it’s sending quotes, invoices, or letters to clients, or distributing analytical reports to an organization’s own managers and executives. Using the industry-standard Crystal Reports, Sage KnowledgeSync generates forms and documents when needed – or when business conditions demand it – and delivers this information to the right people at the right time.

Intelligent Workflow & Business Process Automation

Sage KnowledgeSync does more than just send alerts; it triggers “workflow” to update your applications, schedule intelligent tasks, and move information between an organization’s disparate software systems. Whether it’s to update a client’s history based on the receipt of an email message from them, or to schedule a phone call for a prospect who has not been contacted within the last week, Sage KnowledgeSync gives organizations the means to automate (and monitor) critical business processes.


  • Notify staff about critical business issues – when they occur – and not hours, days, or weeks later.
  • Identify trends or problems across your entire business by combining and analysing information from multiple systems.
  • Synchronize data between multiple business applications & identify inconsistencies between databases.
  • Push client or partner specific information out to a web browser for easy, self-service access.
  • Know when someone changes a critical piece of business information – like a contract renewal cost or a client's credit limit.
  • Be alerted – and trigger automatic corrections – when potential problems appear in your Windows operating systems.
  • Monitor activity on your website and auto process information requests and/or questions from prospects or clients.
  • Combine all your applications – including home-grown solutions – under one Business Activity Monitoring solution, and create a central point for business process management.
  • Enable “follow-me alerts” that know when and where to find you based on the time of day and day of the week.
  • Get an immediate ROI due to free, preconfigured collections of alerts for use with all Sage Software business applications.

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