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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with QGate intelli-CTi™ Family QGate intelli-CTi™ enables the simple integration of your software applications, such as CRM, and your telephony system providing Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and the following benefits:

  • Streamlined telephony activity within your business.
  • Improved customer relationships, service levels and customer satisfaction.
  • Increased telephone call efficiency and throughput.
  • Personalized telephone interaction - identifying callers automatically.
  • Increased business productivity.
  • Better reporting and collaborative activity management.

Adopting QGate's intelli-CTi solution provides the following benefits:

  • Support of a wide range of telephone switches, see the intelli-CTi Compatibility Phone List for details.
  • Support for standard telephony interfaces, such as TAPI, TSAPI, CSTA, MiTAI and OAI.
  • Reduced development costs with ease of deployment and implementation.
  • Flexible deployment capabilities across multiple sites.
  • Multiple telephone call support.
  • Compatible with Citrix/Terminal Server.
  • Support for web based applications.

QGate intelli-CTi™ family features include:

  • Inbound and outbound single action call handling.
  • Call history and missed call logging.
  • Customizable user preferences.
  • Published .NET programming interface with code samples.
  • Multiple call support.
  • Desktop sidebar user interface.
  • Support for multiple sites with different telephone systems.
  • Support for both Voice Over IP (VOIP) and standard telephone systems.

Intelli-CTi will work alongside such switch-based features as Integrated Voice Response (IVR), voice recording, Direct Dialing, DTMF routing, power dialing etc. This is another example of how QGate intelli-CTi is phone system agnostic enabling you to make full use of the telephony system features and still benefit from tight application integration.

Intelli-CTi keeps the user in complete control
intelli-CTi is now presented within a dynamic sidebar as part of the user’s desktop, allowing users to fully interact with their office applications whilst maintaining complete control of the telephone call.

Each telephone call is presented within the sidebar, along with information about the caller, call control and a unique in-call note capture capability.


Tele Help Desk For Act

Task Management

This adds the ability to add one or more tasks that can be linked to an inquiry or to create tasks that are only linked by user and not inquiry. Ability for user to examine tasks in various ways, both as a user, per inquiry, per status or priority, or by due date.

Inquiry Work Flow

Work Flow allows you to predefine actions that you want to take upon the occurrence of certain activities. In the case of HelpDesk, these events are "Inquiry Creation", "Inquiry Completion", "Inquiry Reopen", and "Inquiry Open and Close in One Call". Here are the actions that you will be able to define in the initial implementation of 'work flow'.

Inquiry Creation

When an inquiry is started for a company or contact, you will have the ability to automatically send an email to the associated account sales representative informing the rep of the new issue and some details about the issue.

Inquiry Completion

When an inquiry is completed, you will be able to take several actions. The first one is to again notify the sales rep for the account that the issues is being closed. You can likewise send the same email to a HelpDesk user. Also upon completion, you may select or automate an email(s) that will go out to the customer with a comment regarding the closing of the inquiry and perhaps an survey about the service provided.

Customized Tab Design

We now include the ability to re sequence the tabs on the open inquiry in any order that you like. All tabs are available for sequencing.

Using the built in forms design tool, will give you the ability to create and customize your tabs and field.

My HelpDesk

My HelpDesk is a "new way to start your HelpDesk day". My HelpDesk gives you a 'starting point' and a personal view of your HelpDesk world. Easily view individual inquiry statistics, analyze open inquiries by department or by company or priorities by department or company.

View last inquiries opened, known issues added, knowledgebase items added, reminders, manage a personal launch pad, and go directly into desired inquiries.

At a single glance or a click away, you can know such things as how many inquiries are open for you, your department, or for everyone. See the last inquiries you worked on, last known issues resolved, or last Hot Tip knowledgebase items added.

Look at a breakdown of inquiries by user or by priority, for your department or company as a whole. Keep personal reminders or personal links at your fingertips. All this and more.... See more details of "My HelpDesk" here.

Inquiry Tracking

Every call is tracked from initial inquiry to problem resolution. Inquiry history makes it easy to reopen an already closed inquiry. HelpDesk can detect if the inquiry's subject already exists and eliminate duplication and additional effort by your support staff. Quick find feature speeds contact look-up. Open inquiries stay on screen until finished. System tracks number of inquiries opened and closed each day.

Real Time Call Forwarding

Inquiries can be forwarded to any operator or department. If forwarded to a department, the inquiry is opened on the workstation for next available operator, ready for them to pick up the phone and handle the situation or problem. Referral system tracks who is logged on. Callbacks to be scheduled for any date, time, and staff member. Calls can be assigned on a next available basis. Referrals can automatically notify the receiving staff member via email for easy notification of staff not logged into HelpDesk Intake Forms.

HelpDesk Post Office

We've brought the complete email system, both inbound and outbound, under the control of HelpDesk with built-in email processing, and dedicated solely for HelpDesk's use. This means that outgoing mail can be sent from a global 'support department' but still maintain individual staff names.

Inbound email may be easily routed to the 'responsible' staff person handling a particular inquiry. Easily attach an email to an existing inquiry or create a new one with the information contained.

It allows single inbound email address to be shared by entire support staff and for the routing of inbound email.

Inbound email can be linked to inquiries, including attachments (which will be filed according to a user defined scheme), along with full message information.

Bulletin Board System

HelpDesk now has the ability to create one or more bulletin boards to aid communication internally for HelpDesk staff and users. As many BBS boards as desired can be created. Each board can have unlimited "sticky notes" attached to it.

Each board can have designated users who "subscribe" to the board. So, you could possibly have something like a "General" board, a "Support" board, and/or a "Developer" board. Each board will have designated subscribers and each will have various abilities based on their security rights.

Boards and messages can have a special "alert" status whereby each subscribed user will be notified of the special alert status. When messages are posted, each user will see a special flag indicating that something new has been posted to a particular board and that they as an individual user has not read it.

RMA Database

A special database to hold information regarding RMAs. You'll easily record (using a user defined RMA numbering system) RMAs and report information from this file.

HelpDesk Viewer for ACT!

For those of you using ACT! 2007 and above, we've created a whole new way to display HelpDesk issues for your ACT! contacts.

Now you can use HelpDesk Viewer for ACT! which will create a "HelpDesk" tab on your contact screen. Click on the tab and it will retrieve all HelpDesk activity for this contact record. See HelpDesk Grid screen shot.

This grid is configurable as to what fields you want to display. See field selection screen shot. You can even choose to see only 'open' inquiries, only 'closed' inquiries, or 'all' inquiries. If you click an inquiry in the grid, it will display more details about that inquiry, including notepads. See inquiry details screen shot.

Advanced Time and Material Billing

This is an included feature of Tele-Support HelpDesk 4.1. This feature allows you to enter one or more associated costs to an inquiry ticket. Build a 'rate table' that offers a flexible rate schedule to meet most any need. Use a combination of rate types.

You can bill by user, type of service, type of client, individual negotiated rates by customer, fixed material based costs, or time based costs. It will create statements that can be used for billing.

Providian makes best effort to keep the product information updated, however due to the dynamic upgradation of our products it is not always possible for us to keep the content updated. Please contact our sales department for more information.

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