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Providian team can help organizations select applications. Providian uses a systematic approach to first chart the customers’ requirements and can then help look for a matching product from the local or international market. This service can be extended to include program management also.


In today’s business environment, it is very critical for the various technology system to talk to each other so that the data can flow seamlessly to the users and lead to seamless productivity. Over the last decade, we have integrated CRM and other solutions with many other business systems, desktop software and mobile systems. We bring extensive and rich experience in their area.


  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (SAP, Oracle, MFG Pro, Navision, etc).
  • Computer Telephony Interface Systems (CTI) (Avaya, Lucent, Alcatel and many others).
  • Media Broadcasting Solutions (Wide Orbit, RCS).
  • Business Process Management Integration (BPM) (Task Center, Knowledge Sync).
  • Travel GDS (Amadeus, Galileo).
  • Outlook.
  • Website.
  • Bespoke Application.
  • Warehouse System.
  • Inventory System.
  • Travel Booking Engine.


Providian's business consulting unit has been providing consultancy in many vertical domains and has acquired in depth understanding of how the customer facing organization should operate. Providian business consulting group undertakes complex challenges and will do a complete understanding of the customers' business process and make recommendation to incorporate the industry best practices.


Providian makes best effort to keep the product information updated, however due to the dynamic upgradation of our products it is not always possible for us to keep the content updated.However you may download the latest product sheet by clicking on Download brochure for the latest product information or contact our sales department for more information.


Even though most of the applications Providian provides are configurable, the products may still require some customizations. Providian uses certified resources to customize the products. Providian uses its well documented process to ensure that the customization are as per the customer’s specifications and ensure that the quality of delivery is excellent.

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Inheriting huge amount of experience from our parent company which has extensive experience and knowledge in customer application development for international and domestic markets, Providian also offers custom application development. Providian will manage the complete life cycle of the project from requirement definition to final delivery.

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Providian offers domestic and international onsite services. Consultants are available for all technology skills and with domain expertise as well. Providian offers consultants for long and short-term assignments. If a specialized skill is required and Providian does not have that skill, in house Providian will quickly source that skill and provide to its clients.


Providian provides implementation services for the listed products. Providian has certified trained team members who use their extensive experience to ensure a qualitative and timely delivery for all implementations. Providian has extensive experience in handling complex multi-location implementations nationally and internationally. Providian can do implementation anywhere on the globe though it’s advanced remote management tools.

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With record of accomplishment of training thousands of users, Providian is a market leader in CRM training. Providian also provides its training services as an independent service. Certified trainers and provide training services as a part of its implementation services.

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This service is mostly targeted towards Providian international customers and Sage Business Partners, but national customers can also avail this service. During the sales cycle vendors sometimes need to do complex POC to customize the product to bring it closer to the customers’ requirements. POC’s are normally done free of charge, as the customer is not willing to pay at that stage. We offer a service wherein the BP can send us the what needs to be done for a POC and we have a special discounted rate for this services. Though to avail the discount the maximum period of the POC customization cannot be more that 4 weeks, as anything more than that would be considered as regular customization.


Testing is normally a part of the customization service we provide to our customer. But we offer testing as a separate unit service. Other Business Partners who are pressed for time / resources can outsource the testing to Providian, which can be done modular parallel or at the end of the project. For outsourcing the testing to Providian the Business Partners must give the test cases and the time period they want the results. Providian will provide the test results in a well laid out document and Providian can also undertake the further rounds of testing.


Providian can support customers worldwide for the products mentioned in our offerings. Providian can undertake support even if other companies have done the implementation.

Providian also undertakes support in the generic custom application development support. Providian delivers this kind of support either via an on-site model or via in house model. Please refer to our support section for more details.

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