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  • Enables sales teams to better target prospects and prepare for sales calls.
  • Uncovers leads and networking opportunities quickly and easily.
  • Enables users to update and read twitter timeline and feeds directly from within Sage CRM.
  • Extends conversations and collaboration with prospects and customers to social media channels.
  • Enables users to identify how online conversations are affecting their brand.
  • Helps organisations to identify their biggest online champions and influencers.
  • Enables users to participate in online conversations with an engaged audience without ever having to leave Sage CRM.
  • Drive productivity through better team collaboration
  • Increase employee engagement through shared information
  • Helps organisations to build and strengthen relationships with the community of customers and prospects.
  • Provides marketing teams with the ability to extend and link marketing campaigns to social media channels.
  • Enables users to easily manage and track competitors by monitoring their public online conversations and blog articles.

Unlock value in every customer conversation

Businesses everywhere are using popular social media networks such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook to make their business more accessible, more personable, and maintain long term connections.

Social CRM provides new ways for businesses to interact with and get closer to customers and offers enormous potential to fuel customer and prospect engagement. Integrating social media activity with CRM can further increase that potential, making it easier to gain valuable customer insights, create collaborative experiences and build mutually-rewarding customer relationships.

Sage CRM integrates with key social media applications including LinkedIn, Twitter, Yammer and Facebook, so you can engage with prospects and customers in a collaborative manner in order to generate leads, foster loyalty and increase revenue.

Team collaboration with internal social networks

Business collaboration across teams using Sage CRM is made possible through social-style collaboration powered by Yammer. Employees in every department can now collaborate with Yammer Groups and across records and discuss and collaborate on these records. This makes business conversations concerning opportunities, leads and support cases more social and transparent, providing greater visibility for all employees.

Unlock sales opportunities with LinkedIn

By engaging with LinkedIn members through Sage CRM for LinkedIn, companies can achieve a wide range of sales and marketing objectives.

Thanks to the professional characteristics of the LinkedIn membership base and the content of online member profiles. Sage CRM and LinkedIn can be used effectively to identify qualified prospects and generate leads, research prospects prior to sales calls, establish company and employee LinkedIn presence and much more.

Manage your tweets from within Sage CRM

Sage CRM for Twitter enables users to post or reply directly to a tweet from within Sage CRM. Users can view twitter feeds for specific companies and people and can then save the contents of the tweet to a note within Sage CRM.

Not only is Twitter a great way to find people talking about things you’re interested in (keyword searches) or to find people who live nearby (geographic searches), but it can also be used to track brand names, user mentions and company mentions, all from within Sage CRM.

Instant information about customers and prospects with Facebook for Sage CRM

Enable your teams to gain customer insights from Facebook and provide them with a complete picture of customer and prospect interactions, without leaving Sage CRM.

Sage CRM for Facebook brings customers Facebook profiles inside the customer CRM account allowing users to view company and individual Facebook details. This gives users instant information about customers and prospects, enabling them to better understand and know their customers for better relationship management.

Monitor blogs and websites from Sage CRM

Sage CRM enables users to display RSS and website feeds directly on their Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard, giving users instant access to blogs or websites that are relevant to their role. Users may also display tweets from any given twitter account or view an organisation’s official Facebook account and manage it directly from their dashboard.

Sage CRM and the social media capabilities it provides delivers a true 360 degree view of your customers and prospects while enabling you to better listen, respond and engage with key stakeholders in a compelling manner, all from within Sage CRM.

Providian makes best effort to keep the product information updated, however due to the dynamic upgradation of our products it is not always possible for us to keep the content updated.However you may download the latest product sheet by clicking on Download brochure for the latest product information or contact our sales department for more information.

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