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Entrepreneurs and businesses expect more seamless, personalized, convenient services and rapid processing while interacting with government organizations across the channels and at the times they prefer. Government organizations of all sizes can deliver higher levels of prompt, “citizen-centric” service by using the same customer relationship management (CRM) tools and technologies widely adopted within the commercial sector. A well-defined CRM strategy, with Sage CRM at its center, can help governments meet citizens’ expectations for efficient and accessible service.


For Government departments that issue licenses/permits/facility/visa to set up a business, assessment and management of complete life cycle of customer’s engagement is critical. As issuing licenses and visa involves many legal and statutory bodies, it’s mandatory for the government departments to lay down stringent processes and monitor their progress at all times.

A government organization comprises of various departments or divisions for the management of various aspects of setting up a business. For an instance, the licensing process may include departments like sales, legal, visa/personnel, audit, operations, etc. Effective coordination between these various departments is critical.

Inefficiencies creep in due to non-standard business processes. When issuing every license/permit procedure is lengthy and complex, the associated processes to execute are unique and manual, undue administrative effort and errors occur.

Renewal process of licenses, facility contracts and visa repeats its cycle every time it expires. It becomes challenging to keep a track of all the renewals when there is a large volume of customers’ data.

Another challenge that a government department faces in their day to day business is managing the complicated documents requirement. Licensing/permit and visa processes usually contain a high volume of documentation and paper work. Maintaining their repository and trail becomes a cumbersome task without an effective system in place.

Government organizations that are involved in issuing Licensing/permit and visa therefore need a specialized CRM solution that would allow them to adequately manage their business processes.


A CRM tweaked to the needs of the government departments helps them to integrate all data and processes into a single unified system that has different modules as enumerated below which broadly covers all key functional areas:
  • It facilitates to capture Comprehensive Customer Information for customers and assess and man-age the complete life cycle of the engagement from enquiry to license and visa issue.
  • Built for any government / semi government de-partment that issues & manages licenses, Sage CRM for Government has been developed to manage the pipeline of sales and license requests effectively.
  • One of the key features that have been built in is managing the enquiries by territory and tracking the pipeline by license stages.
  • Post sales visa, entry permit and facility allocation can also be managed and tracked.
  • Complex processes and their various stages in-volved in the licensing and visa procedures can be managed through advanced workflow and matters can be escalated using the escalation engine when held in the process.
  • With the availability of property module, it also allows you to manage properties/facilities that are allocated to customers.
  • Quotation generation for various facilities such as office space, desk space, executive office etc. is also available.
  • Powerful Dashboards where the user has all the key pieces of information pertaining to sales, license enquiries and their progress in a summary view.
  • Complicated documents trails associated with licensing and visa processes can be effectively managed.


Sage CRM offers the following key business benefits to government:
  • Sage CRM offers senior management with accurate visibility into the Pipeline of license enquiries and visa requests.
  • Sage CRM allows you to effectively manage the lengthy and complex licensing/visa processes in a single place.
  • All the information from various departments can be tracked centrally.
  • Sage CRM helps in managing the renewal process efficiently.
  • Sage CRM helps in streamlining the government departments for more efficient processing.
  • It allows you to streamline the various processes and view related documents with a single click.
  • Sage CRM helps sales people to track and manage enquiries from start to final closure.
  • It enables effective sales activity management through a powerful calendar and activity management tool.
  • It helps the management to monitor performance and productivity of the sales team and set realistic sales targets.
  • The information can be extended via external portals/mobile apps for better servicing.
  • It offers a centralized and complete view of the various enquiries which enables effective enquiry management and helps sales teams to achieve targets.

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