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Sage CRM Solutions for hospitality provides the following capabilities to its users:

  • Customers can manage Room Sales, Banquet sales & Restaurant promotions.
  • Manage retails and corporate sales via lead and sales management.
  • Manage corporate customers well with key information travelling back to the sales manager about a customer's transaction with the hotel.
  • Manage banquet sales with Facility required, Pax and per Pax charges.
  • Create marketing campaigns and execute them via email, fax or letter.
  • Manage events or promotions via marketing module increasing productivity by automating key aspects of the selling cycle.
  • Accurate visibility into Sales Pipeline.
  • Sales Team Performance & Competition Tracking.
  • Easier access to Customer knowledge.
  • Can be integrated to Hotel management software to give a 360 degree view of clients.


Infor CRM integrates with leading RFP /Proposal management tools making it a very powerful solution for companies like yours.

CRM for Hi Tech benefits organizations by providing the following capability:

  • Account, contact and opportunity management.
  • Funnel management.
  • Integration to RFP / Proposal automation tools.
  • Better interactions between global team and RFP / proposal management teams in India.
  • Tight integration between inside and outside sales teams, irrespective of the global locations.
  • Multiple time zone and multiple currency support.
  • Sales Team Performance (targets).
  • Competition Tracking.
  • Increase Customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Integration with email and access via, client server, web or even pocket PC (for roaming sales users).

Our trading solution is preconfigured to manage the needs of a trading organization. Infor CRM for trading allows traders to profile both buyers and sellers. The sellers profiling information includes the products they deal in and the buyers includes the regular products they buy. Also there is facility to manage contracts via Infor CRM. Users can also manage the complete delivery cycle via the special project management capability built in Infor CRM

  • Managing the changing "customer" as buyer or the seller can be the customer.
  • Once an inquiry is entered into Infor CRM, the user can search the database to find the appropriate buyer matches for that particular inquiry, based on the product the account purchase, purchase history and many more parameters.
  • Link an opportunity to multiple accounts who can be the suppliers.
  • Send enquiry to the suppliers from within the opportunity via email or letter with mail merge.
  • Track responses for that inquiry from suppliers.
  • After the deal is closed the sipping details can be managed for that opportunity.
  • The sales process is defined to ensure that all the formalities are done within the managements required time frame.

CRM for textiles is a uniquely positioned CRM which allows textile companies, manufacturer, traders and exporters to manage their customers. This solution is built on the highly scalable Infor CRM platform. Customers can manage lead generation to delivery stages in the CRM. You can also have product catalogs where digital images can be uploaded and these can be exported into an attractive product white papers with color images, sizes, weight etc. This allows the product team to upload the latest products which are available and then the sales team is able to showcase the product to their customers with a click of the button.


  • Enhanced product management.
  • Ability to manage the product dimensions, packaging information and detailed pricing.
  • Creation of aesthetic product catalogues from Infor CRM.
  • Ability to send the product catalogues to customer.
  • Deliveries module for managing the fulfillment.

"Besides the detailed industries we also have domain Knowledge and implemented in many other industries such as Construction, Pharma & FMCG, Medical Devices and many more. Please contact us at to know more."

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