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In addition, EPC industry requires upgrading their business processes and practices so that they can achieve higher productivity.

In the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) space, projects can run into the hundreds of million - sometimes billions - of dollars. For EPC firms, Project lifecycle management is critical. With project lead times measured in years, and project estimates and proposals running into the millions of dollars (US) to produce, project selling, management of project pipeline and associated tenders poses a risk on its profitability and its future.

Multiple sources or lack of contact information such as Contractors, Consultants, MEP Consultants, Architects, Prospects, Bidders and relationship information is managed in multiple and isolated databases (individual’s email, in spreadsheets, other) or not managed at all. This makes sharing impossible and causes duplicative information which leads to administrative overhead and inaccurate business relationship information. Beyond the name and address information, relationship data is critical. Who are the key influencers and decision makers in an organization? What areas of interest do these people have? Who in my organization has a relationship with these people? What other relationships do these people have, for example suppliers, distributors etc?

An EPC organization comprises of various departments or divisions for the management of various aspects of a project. For an instance, a project may include engineering, cabling, lighting, construction related activities that are required to be executed for successful completion of the project. These activities are managed through tenders wherein tenders are invited from the contractors and sub-contractors who bid for the tenders to offer their products and services. The tender process in itself is a complex process which consists of various stages. Thus, management of various tenders, tracking their stages and status and overall progress of a project becomes a challenge.

Multi level project selling to various companies involved in the sales is critical. In EPC industry, this includes Contractors, Consultants, MEP Consultants, Architects, Bidders, Designers and other stakeholders. An EPC organization may face challenges in determining who the most competitive bidder for the various tenders is.

Inefficiencies creep in due to non-standard business processes. When every project sale, tender and bid is different and the associated process to execute is unique and manual, undue administrative effort and errors occur.

Various project invoices and material deliveries either lie in the legacy system e.g. ERP, Accounting or other disparate systems. To track the status of these invoices and follow up with the customers for payments, there is no system that can accurately provide the necessary information.

Another challenge that an EPC organization faces in their day to day business is managing the complicated paper trail. Project and tender process usually contains a high volume of paper work. Maintaining their repository and trail becomes a cumbersome task without an effective system in place.

EPC organizations therefore need a specialized CRM solution that would allow them to adequately manage their business processes and the various stakeholders.


Sage CRM for EPC is the industry specific Customer Relationship Management Suite from Sage which has been developed on the award winning Sage CRM platform and customized to address the specific requirements of the EPC industry. The solution has been developed by Sage business partner Providian Global Solutions. With the EPC industry presently on boom it is imperative that you have some system for management of the customers, prospects, key people and stakeholders, Projects Sales, Tender, Bidding and Design process, complex paper trails and many other processes that form the foundation of an EPC organization. Sage CRM helps you in getting a 360 degree view of the customers and its projects pipeline. Due to its scalability, the CRM implementation can initially begin small and then expand to tailor to the growing needs of the EPC industry.

A CRM tweaked to the needs of the EPC industry vertical helps organizations to integrate all data and processes of an organization into a single unified system that has different modules as enumerated below which broadly covers all key functional areas:

  • It facilitates to capture Comprehensive Customer Information for customers and other key stake-holders such as Contractors, Consultants, MEP Consultants, Architects, Prospects, Bidders, and Designers etc.
  • Centered around Project selling, Sage CRM for EPC has been developed to manage project pipeline effectively.
  • One of the key features that have been built in EPC CRM is Tender process management that facilitates the end-to-end management of various tenders associated with a project.
  • Multi level selling to various entities involved in the sales such as Contractors, Consultants, MEP Consultants, Architects etc can be done from a single window.
  • Complex processes and their various stages involved in the tendering process and overall project progress can be managed through workflow.
  • With a full-proof integration with the back end ERP system, it allows you to view the project invoices and deliveries and track their status.
  • Powerful Dashboards where the user has all the key pieces of information pertaining to project sales and tenders progress in a summary view.
  • Complicated paper trails associated with project and tendering process can be effectively managed.


Sage CRM offers the following key business benefits to EPC companies:
  • Sage CRM offers senior management of an EPC company with accurate visibility into Project Sales Pipeline.
  • Sage CRM brings back end info such as project invoices and deliveries to sales and front end teams for effective sales team management.
  • EPC organizations can enjoy the detailed capability of multi party selling.
  • Sage CRM for EPC handles each relationship in the sales individually or as a group.
  • Sage CRM helps sales managers to track projects from its early stage to opportunity to closure and execution and manage full project life cycles.
  • It allows you to maintain business continuity for long sales cycles.
  • Sage CRM helps sales people to track and manage tenders from start to final closure.
  • It enables effective sales activity management through a powerful calendar and activity management tool.
  • It helps the management to monitor performance and productivity of the sales team and set realistic sales targets.
  • Due to integration with back end ERP systems, it offers management with an integrated view of operations.
  • It offers a centralized and complete view of the various tenders which enables effective tender management and helps sales teams to achieve targets.
  • Sage CRM brings value to project and tender management process by sending notifications/alerts using the escalation engine in case of delay in timelines.
  • By maintaining the key stakeholders’ information it helps the EPC organizations to build an everlasting relationship, satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Sage CRM effectively manages the complicated paper trails. The papers associated with a project or tender can be accessed by a single click.

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