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CRM can support more than the sales function. Business relationships are managed throughout the organization across functional departments. Look to implement a system that can support and manage all business relationships.


Faced with rapid growth and the operational challenges this brings, such rapid growth can provide tremendous structural and operational challenges to an organization. To ensure growth is managed adequately, without sacrificing service or blowing out budgets, requires extensive planning, vision, and having the right systems and infrastructure in place.

Multiple sources or lack of contact information such as Buyers, Sellers, Tenants, Brokers, Investors, Prospects and relationship information is managed in multiple and isolated databases (individual’s email, in spreadsheets, other) or not managed at all. This makes sharing impossible and causes duplicative information which leads to administrative overhead and inaccurate business relationship information. Beyond the name and address information, relationship data is critical. Who are the key influencers and decision makers in an organization? What areas of interest do these people have? Who in my organization has a relationship with these people? What other relationships do these people have, for example brokers, investors, banks or legal counsel?

Usually the sales forces involved in real estate business are Disparate, autonomous and independent. Leasing professionals are located where the properties are and therefore geographically dispersed. They may also be 3rd party brokers that are once removed from the organization. This makes visibility into key relationships, pipeline status and consolidated reporting difficult or impossible. In turn this makes it difficult to measure and monitor sales force effectiveness and reduces the opportunity for cross selling. A successful CRM implementation for real estate needs to understand and respect the concept of personal and corporate contacts and the sensitivity of centralizing managing these relationships. Balancing and ensuring appropriate access to information is the key to adoption.

The next-generation sales force and consumers are here. They are socially networked and they are demanding more from the companies they work for and work with. They expect higher level of productivity tools and enhanced communications provided through more channels.Back office property management systems are designed to manage complex and detailed leasing, rent roll, ownership and accounting/operating data. They don’t have contact management capabilities or even if they do, they are not designed for front office users.

In property management, a high volume of communication and correspondence with buyers, sellers, ten-ants is required. Key accounts expect and require high level of service.

Tracking meaningful and actionable information about key partnerships is critical. In real estate, this includes brokers, investors, analysts, prospective investment targets, joint venture partners and property managers. Can you easily get a list of your top investors? Can others in your firm? Do you know the analysts that cover your business? Do others? When is the last time your executives met with these companies?

Inefficiencies creep in due to non-standard business processes. When every buy/sell, lease or transaction is different and the associated process to execute is unique and manual, undue administrative effort and errors occur. Furthermore, tracking cash flow and payment schedules, payments and outstanding become difficult.

Real estate organizations therefore need a joined up solution that would allow them to adequately manage their business expansion.


Sage CRM for Real Estate is the industry specific Customer Relationship Management Suite from Sage which has been developed on the award winning Sage CRM platform and customized to ad-dress the specific requirements of the real estate industry. The solution has been developed by Sage business partner Providian Global Solutions. With the real estate industry presently on boom it is imperative that you have some system for management of the customers, prospects, properties with amenities, Lease, Sale or Rent of units, Payment Plans, Payment Tracking, Cash Flow, End user documentation management, Invoicing pro-cess with ERP system. Sage CRM helps you in get-ting a 360 degree view of the customers and its opportunities. Due to its scalability, the CRM implementation can initially begin small and then expand to tailor to the growing needs of the real estate industry.

A CRM tweaked to the needs of a Real Estate industry vertical helps organizations to integrate all data and processes of an organization into a single unified system that has different modules as enumerated below which broadly covers all key functional areas:

  • Sage CRM for Real Estate has been designed to explore the Units sold/available/on-hold as per the client’s preferences. It allows direct entry to book-ing form from availability status screen.
  • It facilitates to capture Comprehensive Customer Information for Individuals & Non-Individuals (Corporates).
  • Enquiries for property requirements and their pipe-line can be managed, linked to properties and can be converted to booking with a single click.
  • One of the key features that has been built in Real Estate CRM is custom search – Search based on size, location, etc to find the relevant properties from your database and properties suggested based on requirements.
  • Multiple Payment Schedules can be defined uniquely for a unit booking and can be edited at any stage.
  • Capture property/unit details, images and view summary, also the amenities available using Property Inventory Module.
  • Key Dashboards/Reports are available across various properties for sales, inventory status, cash flow management, payments, missed customer payments, , Outstanding, etc.
  • Work Schedules, appointments/meetings and tasks with their priority status can be managed and tracked for all executives and managers.

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