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The solution is built on Sage platform that is being used by over 20,000 companies worldwide in various verticals. This powerful management tool helps sports organizations build a complete profile of their players, coaches, officials, administrators and supporters that can be leveraged to increase participation rates, improve efficiency, enhance communications and improve performance levels.

Sales Inventory Management

  • Setup all available inventory for each season.
  • Track info like – Season, Name of product, type, quantity.
  • Track in stadium, kit branding, man of the match and any other type of inventory available for sales.
  • Manage sold and available inventories.

Sales Management

  • Accurate visibility into Sales Pipeline.
  • Better manage the complex 2 way selling to your customers and their agencies.
  • Generate personalized proposals from your rate cards.
  • Media agency management.
  • Sales Team Performance (targets).
  • Inventory details view for sales teams to achieve their targets.

Coaching Operations Highlights:

  • Manage a central database of your team and support staff.
  • Keep a central DB of all they key info like contact details, personal info and other info which is required.
  • Keep a periodical record of their fitness level, performance, strength , physiotherapy and other key data elements.
  • Pull out charts & graphs to analyze the data and to correlate it with the field performance.

"Besides the detailed industries we also have domain Knowledge and implemented in many other industries such as Construction, Pharma & FMCG, Medical Devices and many more. Please contact us at to know more."

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