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The Travel industry in the Middle East is growing every year, travel enterprises are differentiating and innovating their products and services keeping in the mind the demand from travelers all across the globe. Travel companies are altering their business model to suit to customer needs. As per recent studies, the global travel industry is expecting to record a 3.1% growth in 2013. The Middle East air carriers continue to experience high rates of international growth at 12.2% which has result edinan opportunity for travel catering companies, hoteliers, cruise operators and car rental companies in the in-bound travel context.

Considering this substantial growth figure, business opportunities in this industry for all types of travel enterprises have a huge potential for growth. Similarly the Middle East is one of the fastest growing tourist generating regions in the world with outbound travel quadrupling in the last 20 years. A rising population along with the expat population adding up to the overall population and increasing disposable incomes in the GCC will drive the Middle East outbound travel market. Middle Eastern travelers belonging to UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia specifically are profiled as liberal spenders and long stay tourists creating an incentive to attract Middle Eastern travelers to spend money into their respective host economies.

According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the average Emirati tourist from the UAE spends US $22,000 a year on flight sand accommodation alone, totaling US $6.6 billion spent on out bound travel annually.

The success of the travel company directly depends on its customer satisfaction levels. However, when a travel company introspects and questions why it needs a CRM solution in addition to a Booking system which can store data in the back office, there are various factors which they are leaving out.

In order to improve your business, you need to have a solid understanding of the relationship that exists between your marketing and your sales. A lot of this information is better contained within a system designed for this very purpose, rather than added to (what will rapidly become) a cluttered and disjointed booking system with irrelevant information stored inside.

Moreover, booking systems can be used for Transaction Marketing whereas with a CRM solution, it can drive towards relationship marketing. Therefore, sustenance and stability of the business enterprises depends directly on the nature of the relationship it has maintained with its clients. While the new customers are important for continuous growth of the business, managing and retaining old customers act as the backbone of the company. For example, if a travel company wishes to know what type of holidays and what type of activities the Middle Eastern traveler indulges in for outbound travel or the global traveler indulges in for Inbound travel, they will have access to this information What are the key decision making factors that will impact destination selection among the Middle East eco- travelers? How, when, what and where do you communicate with these ‘best prospect’ customers? Sage CRM can help provide this vital data with a lot of ease.

Transaction Marketing Vs Relationship Marketing

Travel companies are selling an information-rich product and will need to leverage the full range of offline and web channels to engage their customers in dialogue.

Therefore, the travel experience before and after the journey can be made pleasing by adopting Sage CRM for Travel. Sage CRM for Travel helps concentrate your services, business processes and staff on the acquisition and retention of loyal customers by responding to their individual needs and values.

Typical challenges faced by travel companies:

  • Disparate customer databases (Corporate & Retail)existingin islands
  • Knowingthe Customer and Understanding theCustomer'sneeds
  • Findways to upsell / crosssell tothem inthefuture
  • Keep the customer satisfied for the services of fered

Sage CRM Solution High lights for the Travel Industry

  • Identify, develop and retain high value customers
  • For managing and retaining customers’, collection of information and the quick access to it is required to increase your client portfolio which lengthens their life cycle.
  • The CRM tool automates procedures and reports for agents. A large amount of data is processed without hassles and enhances the efficiency of travel agents, allowing them to focus on clients and prospects.
  • Every customer issue tackled and resolved would is available in the knowledge base
  • This helps in training or retraining people to resolve certain issues differently.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by knowing more about customers such as their itinerary/ booking information, payments, invoices, travel history, preferences etc.
  • The software can generate various useful reports.These reports are very precise and allow the analysis of the travel company and its agent’s activity.
  • Scanned /HTML /PDF booking details in front of each transaction is available in the CRM
  • Analyze most travelled destination, most preferred Airline /Hotel, most travelled leisure destination and many more such summaries.
  • Searches made by customer on the website are available in the CRM
  • Graphical relationships between various customers in the CRM are available.

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