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  • Stay up to speed on important account activity with automatic alerts and notifications, which you can configure directly in Infor CRM.
  • Respond to requests immediately - create quotes, fulfill literature requests, and generate sales orders.
  • Plan and prioritize your day with your own customized dashboard view, based on your top opportunities, activities, and appointments.
  • Configure sales dashboards so you have instant knowledge, at a glance, of your critical data, such as top opportunities, hottest leads, or sales stage.
  • Infor CRM is right there with you - providing you that essential advantage to compete and win in your industry.

Sales Process Automation

  • Customize processes based on product line, deal size, territory, or lead type.
  • Define stages and steps and assign objectives, activities, results, and close probability.

Opportunity Management

  • Manage all key opportunity data for maximum sales productivity and effectiveness.
  • Track probability of close, products, lead source, status, and competitors.
  • Generate sales proposals that automatically reflect native customer currency.

Account and Contact Management

  • View an Account Timeline of all Activities, Notes, Opportunities, and Tickets for a deeper understanding of trends over time.
  • Access and record detailed information about customer accounts and contacts.
  • Assign ownership, establish account hierarchies, and track lead sources and status.
  • Share information captured at all points of interaction for a complete customer view.

Calendar and Activity Management

  • Manage schedules and track phone calls, meetings, to-dos, events, and literature requests.
  • Associate an attachment to meetings, phone calls, to-do items, e-mails, notes, and personal activities.

Application Integration

  • Integrate with business and productivity applications, like Microsoft Office and Outlook, and Web Services.
  • Integrate with leading back-office applications to access key customer information such as credit status, payment history, shipping information, inventory, pricing, discounts, and more.

Business Analytics Tools

  • View interactive dashboards to understand deals in the sales pipeline, sales potential, performance metrics, and more.
  • Integrate Infor CRM Visual Analyzer, an advanced business analytics tool, for an even deeper understanding of team and territory performance, including revenue potential, estimated and actual close dates, status, probability of close, and more.
  • View pre-built and customizable reports to help analyze pipeline efficiency, revenue by lead source, and more.

Sales Forecasting

  • View opportunity totals and key metrics for quick analysis of the sales pipeline.
  • Segment opportunities by account manager, region, or probability of close.

Lookups And Groups

  • Perform temporary lookups or create groups for repeat access to groups of records.
  • Use filters to quickly and easily identify relevant subsets of data and save as an ad-hoc group.
  • Export groups to Excel® with one click for additional analysis.

Customer Communication / Mail Merge

  • Create custom HTML e-mail templates, then personalize and send using Mail Merge.
  • Archive letters, e-mails, faxes, or proposals within customer account records.

Competitor Tracking

  • Record competitor product information as well as strengths and weaknesses.
  • Utilize on-the-spot notes and strategy to perform in competitive situations.

Literature Fulfillment

  • Select cover letter, item, priority, send date, quantity, and shipping options.

Reference Library

  • Maintain a central repository for company information, resources, marketing collateral, pricing, and more.
  • Attach and send files from the Library in e-mails to customer and prospects.

Territory Realignment

  • Realign sales territories based on multiple business conditions you define.
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  • Automate campaigns, e-marketing, and lead tracking; and measure ROI.
  • Respond quickly to customer requests with a full library of information you build into your CRM, including collateral, price sheets, and manuals.
  • Develop richer profiles by incorporating information from web-based applications and social media services.
  • Target campaigns and promotions based on customer segment, industry, or sales stage in order to maximize a positive response rate.
  • Import leads from almost anywhere; including tradeshows, seminars, purchased lists, and web capture.
  • View information such as campaign and survey responses, social media profiles, maps, news and stock info, in-context, within account and contact records.
  • View budget information, response data, and cost metrics to help you calculate and analyze campaign ROI.

Campaign Management

  • Design, execute, and track all campaign activities in one location.
  • Deliver targeted marketing messages or sales offers to select customer segments.
  • Segment customer and prospect lists with user-friendly filtering tools.
  • Communicate effectively with customers and prospects via multiple mediums.
  • Create custom HTML e-mail templates, then personalize and send using Mail Merge.
  • Archive campaign letters, e-mails, or faxes within customer account records.
  • Attach marketing literature, product information, and other resources from the Library.
  • View response data in real-time to analyze the impact of campaigns in progress.

Lead Management

  • Import leads from Web forms, tradeshows, seminars, or purchased lists.
  • Track leads at every stage, from prospect through closed sale.
  • Perform lead de-duplication to ensure clean data so customers are not getting hit with the same campaign twice.
  • Automatically assign “hot” leads based on your business rules so sales teams can act on them fast.
  • Perform mass actions* upon import and assign activities for leads—increasing marketing efficiencies.

Web Lead Capture

  • Capture prospect information via a company Web site and import lead data.
  • Gather valuable demographic data for use in segmentation and offer development.

Lead Qualification

  • Create unique qualification checklists for different products or services.
  • Click to convert qualified leads to new sales opportunities.
  • Merge duplicate leads with existing contacts and accounts.

Workflow Automation

  • Streamline marketing and sales campaigns by automating standard tasks.
  • Assign custom processes, such as "Trade Show Lead," to campaign target groups.
  • Automatically archive letters, e-mails, faxes, or proposals within customer account records.

Campaign Reporting (ROI)

  • Analyze the effectiveness of marketing efforts (ROI).
  • Examine campaign data responses, associated revenue, and product detail.
  • Evaluate potential vs. actual returns for each lead source, region, or media type.
  • Leverage advanced business analytics tools, such as Infor CRM Visual Analyzer, to understand which campaigns have the most responses, best conversion rates, win/loss data, and more.

Budget and Revenue Tracking

  • Gain critical visibility into campaign budgets and direct revenue impact.
  • Assess potential revenue for campaigns launched against target groups.
  • View revenue in real-time as opportunities linked to campaigns are updated.
  • Track forecasted versus actual budgets, including cost metrics such as cost per lead.

Robust E-mail Marketing

  • Integrate with Infor CRM E-marketing, an on-demand e-marketing service.**
  • Create professional marketing communications that you can send directly from your database to your accounts, leads, contacts, and campaigns.
  • View campaign details within Infor CRM, like which campaigns were sent, open and click rates, and status (opened or unopened) to facilitate more thoughtful conversations.
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Benefits Snapshot

  • Automatically assign tickets to the appropriate resource based on product, skill, or any other criteria you define.
  • Assign status and urgency to tickets to ensure critical issues are handled quickly.
  • Use return management tools to create, assign, update, and monitor returned assets so returns are processed efficiently.
  • Empower your customers to get support they need 24/7 with the Infor CRM Self-Service Web Portal.
  • Create reports to understand call turnaround times, follow-up statistics, escalated tickets, unresolved tickets, and much more.
  • Track service contract details, such as benefit level, price, and time or dollars remaining.
  • View all customer interactions across your customer-facing departments in a single, easy-to-use interface.

Account and Contact Management

  • Access detailed information about the customers that your department supports.
  • View ticket assignments, priority weightings, and notification requests.
  • Link attachments and comments to records for historical reference.

Ticket Management

  • Track ticket ID, contact information, type, status, urgency, assignment, and date needed.
  • Schedule phone calls, meetings, or to-dos to follow up on open issues.
  • Automatically assign tickets to the appropriate resource based on area, skill, etc.
  • Submit issue descriptions and resolutions for archiving in the knowledge base.


  • Ensure product returns are processed efficiently and accurately.
  • Record defects, shipping instructions, serial numbers, attachments, and comments.

Defect Tracking

  • Track defect details including ID number, severity, priority, status, problem type, description, and source.
  • View associated tickets, returns, attachments, and asset information.
  • Provide a communication medium between support and product development departments.

Asset Management

  • Associate assets with accounts, tickets, defects, contracts, or returns.
  • View information on product codes, names, vendors, and pricing.

Service Contract Management

  • Track contract details such as service level, price, and time or dollars remaining.
  • "Punch-in" and "Punch-out" automatically to track time spent on individual tickets or support issues.
  • Manage multiple contract types—per incident, time period, or dollar amount.

Speed Search/Knowledge Base

  • Perform an advanced keyword search of any Infor CRM table or shared network directory.
  • Reference prior tickets, attachments, standard problems and resolutions, activities, and notes/history.
  • Search reference materials such as online manuals, FAQs, or white papers.
  • Populate resolutions automatically into service tickets with one click.
  • Archive approved resolutions in the knowledge base for future reference.

Calendar and Activity Management

  • Manage schedules and keep track of activities and events for multiple users.
  • Track phone calls, meetings, to-dos, events, and literature requests.

Application Integration

  • Integrate with business and productivity applications, like Microsoft Office and Outlook, and Web Services.
  • Integrate with leading back-office applications to access key customer information such as credit status, payment history, shipping information, inventory, pricing, discounts, and more.

Lookups and Groups

  • Use filters to quickly and easily identify relevant subsets of data and save as an ad-hoc group.
  • Perform custom queries to locate records and update information.


  • Capture data and analyze key customer service/support metrics to assess team effectiveness.
  • Measure call turn-around time, first-call resolution percentage, and more.
  • View issue totals by category, escalation history, unresolved issues, and a weekly recap.

Notification and Alerts

  • Monitor data proactively and receive alerts when service conditions are triggered.
  • Receive alerts instantly via e-mail, fax, pager, PDA, phone, or Web browser.

Customer Self-service Web Portal

  • Empower customers to view, add, or edit tickets and submit comments or attachments.
  • Enable search capability of the same knowledge base that service reps use.

Configuration and workflow

  • Define user workflow options or grant the ability to modify at the user level.
  • Automate user/date-time stamps, ticket punch-in/out, ticket number, and assignment.
  • Configure e-mail workflow, escalation conditions, and notification routing.

Flexible Deployment Options

  • On-premise or in the Cloud.
  • Windows, Web, mobile access.
  • Synchronize rapidly and work while disconnected (using Windows, Web, or Mobile clients), or work while connected over a network or the Web.
  • Utilize BlackBerry® or Windows Mobile® (Pocket PC and Smartphone) for quick access to customer data in the field.


Your information drives your business and empowers you to make decisions that positively impact the bottom line. Infor CRM reporting and analytics* provides the key to unlocking the power of your data and enables you and your team to be proactive in their daily ambitions.


  • Drive better business performance
  • Powerful reporting and list management
  • Interactive analysis tools
  • Know the history and strategize forward
  • Strategic insight with specialized business intelligence
  • Fine-tune for greater effectiveness

Strategic insight with specialized business intelligence

  • Provide executives, department heads, and senior analysts with a means to analyze trends, uncover business issues, and focus resources on the most strategic and profitable business activities.
  • Bring real-time data from sources across your organization to life with enhanced graphical visualizations and interactive filtering, pivot, and drill-down capabilities.
  • Create custom dashboards or utilize pre-built, interactive dashboards designed to enable analysis of key sales, marketing, and support functions.

Interactive Analysis Tools

  • Utilize Infor CRM reports out-of-the-box or customize to accommodate unique user, company, or industry requirements.
  • Schedule recurring reports or create ad-hoc reports to assess areas of specific and timely interest.
  • Use Infor CRM dashboards for a visual assessment of key operational data such as the status of the sales pipeline, individual, team, and regional sales performance, marketing campaign performance, and support call resolution rate.

Powerful Reporting & List Management

  • Use filters and advanced query tools to quickly segment relevant subsets of data and save as a dynamic private or shared group.
  • Generate reports to assess your sales pipeline, revenue by lead source, support call resolution time, marketing campaign responses, and more.
  • Leverage more than 70 pre-built reports to assess sales, marketing, and support performance and guide management decisions.
  • Manage access to and automate distribution of reports to specific users based on roles.
  • Export data to Excel® with one click for additional analysis

Providian makes best effort to keep the product information updated, however due to the dynamic upgradation of our products it is not always possible for us to keep the content updated. Please contact our sales department for more information.

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