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First eService is now Providian

Providian tight and measurable processes ensure that customer’s expectations are met with in the defined time, cost and quality.


As a group decibells, has always believed that keeping quality above the rest will automatically bring customers back. Providian has adopted the same philosophy and implemented quality validations at all the points in the delivery process. A separate quality team who’s mandate is to ensure that all interaction and activities done for clients are up to the standard set by the board. The quality team not only focuses on the customization / implementation part of the business process but also focuses on the documentation quality being sent to the customers.


  • Meeting and exceeding the customers' requirements with the objective of enhancing their satisfaction.
  • Ensuring continual improvement of the products, processes and quality management system.
  • Ensuring the delivery of services as per the required specifications of the customers.
  • Continuous training of all employees to equip them with the latest skills.
  • Maintaining an effective communication system, enabling the Customer to reach us conveniently and quickly.
  • To use the customer-service feedback mechanism and other means to assess the level of service we are providing to our customers.

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