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With extensive experience and the fact that our consultants have understanding of vast number of verticals we are able to preempt the challenges our customers may face and are able to deliver our ready industry vertical solution models to ensure faster deliveries. Most CRM delivery companies with their limited understanding of the verticals are unable to preempt the challenges leading to delays and a step-by-step implementation where they are unable to predict the overall challenges that will be faced during the implementation.


We believe that for a technology solution to be used effectively the eco system plays a critical role. Providian provides an eco-system of knowledge, domain expertise, consulting and a host of add on solutions. With this eco system, our customers are able to address the every changing business dynamics in a faster and a cost effective way. This eco system is critical differentiators from other offerings in the market that follows the traditional route of addressing problems as they come. With our off the shelf ready strategies for challenges faced by organizations and a ready skill set for dozens of add on tools to our products, Providian extends that critical success factor to its customers in a timely and cost effective manner.

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