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There are times when the project scope is not clearly defined or the project is ongoing and open ended. For such situations we prefer to use an onsite delivery model where work is performed onsite. During the assignment our personnel will report to the customer’s management.


This engagement expects a mature environment, with stable requirements and defined delivery milestones. The entire team is based offshore. However, for knowledge acquisition and transfer from the client, a small team may be deployed onsite for a short duration.


This is the most beneficial model for an engagement. A small onsite component is deployed at the client's location for client interaction, project program management, scoping and design, and final implementation. At the same time, a larger offshore team is based at Providian offshore development center in India. This team does the design, implementation, testing and deployment.


Usually the preferred method in more complex projects where requirements are well defined, project durations are relatively long. In this model the requirement and scope of the project is fixed and Providian will deliver within the agreed time frame. Changes to the original scope are considered as change requests.


This model is usually the preferred route if the requirements change frequently or are not very well defined and the engagement is more short term. Providian provides the team onsite or offsite for an agreed period of time. The team is managed by the customer.


In this engagement model, Providian offers you the opportunity to maximize its technical expertise while still enabling you to manage your own IT organization. Providian will set up your infrastructure and your organization, manage your resources and ensure the transfer of technical and management expertise, and register a new offshore entity under your name -- if required. This allows you to establish and to run a professional organization that has been trained by experts and professionals with a track record of integrity, excellence, and success.


In this engagement model, Providian offers you unparalleled strength as it enables you to maximize the strengths of both our organizations while managing a separate legal entity.

Through this, you will have the opportunity to be part of a new organization that will tap emerging markets, serve a broader client base, and gain access to technical expertise that you may not be able to get anywhere else.

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