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Providian offers 2 models of support:

  1. Incident based support - An incident is a single call for a single issue till resolution. It is irrespective of time and location / onsite support. Below are the various support plans we offer.
  2. Time & Material Support – In the case of T&M contract, the time consumed to address a issues is deducted from the balance hours of the contract.

It is essential that a well-defined methodology is followed to ensure a quick resolution. Providian personnel follow standard set internally and by the product company for identifying issues and find quick resolution. Providian personnel have access to the detailed support knowledgebase and vast global product databases, which help Providian support teams to resolve issues quickly.

While Providian trained support personnel will follow the norms set by Providian and the product company, it is essential that the customer also follow a certain method during support. Providian expects the following from the customer to ensure a quick resolution:

  • A detailed description of the problem with a supported email including screen shots.
  • A central point of contact who will work with Providian team to resolve the issue. If onsite support is required then availability of the product server , clients and any other resources which are required for solving the issue.
  • Availability of the customers technology team members who can assist in the infrastructure issues such as network, OS, DB, viruses, etc.
  • A sign off on the incident as soon as the issue is resolved.

Please print this and check off all the point before logging in the incident and before an onsite visit by our engineer.

  • Detailed error description.
  • Screen shot of the issue.
  • Check if this is not due to network issues.
  • Check if the product server is virus free.
  • Check if the clients are virus free.
  • Check if all the necessary OS patches / services packs / hot fixes are applied.
  • Check if all the product server patches / hot fixes / service packs are applied.
  • Check if all the product clients patches / hot fixes / service packs are applied.
  • Check if the technical coordinator is available before the Providian support engineer arrives.

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