Cloudsuite HCM

Cloudsuite HCM

CloudSuite HCM's powerful set of cloud-based human capital management software solutions replaces complex processes, workflows, and systems with sophisticated, yet intuitive technology, empowering your HR professionals to deliver streamlined workforce processes and remarkable experiences.
Infor CloudSuite HCM provides broad talent and HR optimization capabilities, unique and insightful science-driven tools, and flexible technology so you can target your key business objectives now and in the future. Infor CloudSuite HCM makes it easy for you to buy, deploy, use, and maintain agile HCM technology in one solution from a single vendor.

Global Human Resources

Organizational and person structure

Budgeting and employee relations

Benefits, absence, and time entry

HR Service Delivery

Personalized knowledgebase portal

Case management system

Talent Management

Predictive talent science

Talent acquisition and onboarding

Compensation, goals, and performance

Add-On Bundles


Workforce management

HCM analytics


Differentiating value

HR’s role has drastically changed from tracking employee records and overseeing payroll to delivering support for larger business strategy and new responsibilities across the organization. Modern HCM now requires new capabilities and tools to meet today’s expectations. Infor CloudSuite HCM is built to support the modernization of HR operations, and help HR deliver real, differentiating value.

Broad capabilities: Satisfy the HCM capabilities and end-to-end functionality you need in one solution from a single vendor, with great depth and breadth compared to other available solutions.

Science driven tools: Build competitive advantage, predict outcomes, tailor programs to individuals, and optimize day-to-day decisions by applying powerful science to talent processes.

Flexible technology: More easily buy, deploy, use, and maintain one of the most agile HR cloud technology solutions, even as demands change