Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device.

Created specifically for the needs of travel agencies on award winning Sage CRM, it delivers outstanding value with an astounding array of features for a fraction of the cost of any comparable industry system.

What can CRM do for your Travel agency ?


Leads from Website / Social Media

With CRM you get your enquiries via website or landing pages straight inside your CRM. You can even set rules for distribution of these leads amongst your team members.


One-Click Follow-up

With CRM you can send predefined Email Templates, create follow-up task & update field (“Lead Status” to be updated to “Contacted”): all in one-click.


Create Awesome Quote

You can create a variety of awesome Quote Templates using Travel Agency CRM. These quotes can then be instantly sent to your customers via email from within the CRM itself


Awesome Campaigns

With third party marketing tools integrated with CRM you can create email & social media campaigns to market your popular destinations, monitor results & take actions.


Meaningful Dashboards

CRM comes with standard reports and dashboards which are distributed across different modules like leads, trips, quotes, invoices, vendors, products, activities etc.


Benefits of CRM can bring to travel Industry


Wow your customers with relevant and up-to-date service approach

Analyze trends and marketing information for improvement

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

Have faster, web-based access to all business partner and customer data from anywhere using different devices

Maintain customer history using automated processes and database

Calculate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns



The rise of the Internet has revolutionized the media and entertainment industry. Online platforms are becoming dominant, content consumption behaviors are changing and new competition is arising from the entirely new sectors. In the connected, and particularly mobile, consumer landscape M&E companies need greater agility to capitalize on the emerging opportunities.

Challenges that Media Industry Faces

Managing the customer database

Managing their sales cycle

Identifying buying behavior

Collaborating with individual team members

Managing the prospects

Managing deals

Maintaining the close ratio

Reaching the right target audience

Scattered information


What can CRM do for your media and advertising agency?


You can manage your inbound leads through your website

Create a list of targeted prospects you are pursuing

Keep track of all your current clients and what projects you have completed for them

Track the status of every potential deal in your sales pipeline

Forecast your company sales

Track your sales team’s productivity: Phone calls, Demos, Meetings, etc…

Keep all conversations with your clients in one place to build a customer profile for future use

Use our CTI Integration to make outbound and handle inbound calls

Take your projects from sales to a project management tool so your company can start fulfilling the project you have signed

Customer relationship management (CRM) solution for the media industry manages its customers, deals, and outreach activities. In addition to that, it keeps track of the campaigns and the reactions they are receiving from the target audience.

Media industry CRM collects and stores big-data converting it all into a piece of information that can be fetched from any device and from any location

Well Designed Dashboard

Intuitive and clean dashboard to keep track of important details about your agency's client. Keep every communication at one place.

Frequent Upgrades

Use an upgraded system as Salesmate constantly upgrades its CRM to meet the changing demands of the agencies.

Automate Workflow

Automated repetitive task like assigning task to your media professionals and greeting emails to your estimated clients.