Professional Services

Selling and providing services for clients is hard work. Handling all required processes – sales and marketing, general accounting, project accounting, resource scheduling, time and expense management, invoicing and collections, revenue recognition, and reporting – is not for the faint of heart. And managing everything efficiently and profitably can seem impossible! Providian knows, understands, (and lives) the exciting, but challenging realities of a growing professional services organization. We have seen the benefits as Professional Services firms integrate internal systems (CRM, finance, and service delivery), streamline the project-to-cash cycle,and automate project accounting, revenue recognition, planning, and reporting.


Industry Challenges Solved

  • Disjoined Project-to-cash Process

    Is your quote-to-cash process manual or disjointed?

    Our Technology Solution:

    • Integrate any CRM with finance and service delivery
    • Assign and track project resources
    • Submit time and expenses and route for approval
    • Invoice based on time and materials or a fixed price
    • Automate revenue recognition using milestones, schedules, % complete, and project completion

    Your Benefits:

    • Eliminate duplicate entry, save time, and reduce errors
    • Improve cash flow; reduce days sales outstanding (DSO)
    • Lower costs with streamlined project management and billing
    • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • No real-time insights into Professional service metrics

    Do you lack the reports and insight needed to analyze key service metrics?

    Our Technology Solution:

    • View the business by an unlimited number of data dimensions, (e.g., customer, vendor, employee, product, project, etc.)
    • Create custom KPIs, such as average client profitability and average revenue / consultant
    • Analyze real-time metrics including project delivery costs, project / client profitability, and employee utilization

    Your Benefits:

    • Abolish manual and error-prone Excel-based reporting
    • Leverage more than 25 reports designed for services businesses
    • Provide self-service dashboards for consultants, project managers, executives, etc.
  • Non-Integrated revenue management and project accounting

    Are your revenue management and project accounting processes disconnected?

    Our Technology Solution:

    • Ensure compliance with revenue recognition standards (without spreadsheets!)
    • Automatically generate billing schedules, contract renewals, & renewal sales opportunities
    • Quickly forecast deferred, recognized, and renewal revenue
    • Automate accounting and billing for services engagements
    • Provide transparent, detailed bills to customers

    Your Benefits:

    • Cut staff workload; improve accuracy; reduce errors
    • Reduce revenue leakage; decrease risk of customer churn
    • Provide a single point of audit and reconciliation
    • Boost project success with a single-source for project reports, dashboards, and delivery details
  • Labor-intensive budgeting and forecasting processes

    Is your budgeting and forecasting process slow and labor-intensive?

    Our Technology Solution:

    • Model costs, allocations, and profitability by project, customers, or departments
    • Plan and forecast revenues using business drivers like billing rates, number of resources, and project duration
    • Leverage key assumptions, driver-based planning, and “what-if” analysis

    Your Benefits:

    • Reduce cycle times by up to 90%
    • Jettison Excel-based planning once and for all
    • Enjoy a comprehensive and flexible planning process
  • Legacy application /IT infrastructure hindering growth

    Is your Legacy applications / IT infrastructure hindering growth?

    Our Technology Solution:

    • Access via the web from any device (no IT required)
    • Use the latest version and newest features … always
    • Integrate with other best-in-class solutions (e.g., time and expense, PSA, AP automation, CRM, credit card processing, etc.)

    Your Benefits:

    • Accelerate user adoption
    • Connect remote users with real-time data, dashboards, and reports
    • Rapidly scale entities, locations, and currencies
    • Consolidate financial and operational data
    • Integrate once … it’s guaranteed not to break!

    Moving your business away from your existing data silos and Excel-based processes is not as daunting as you might think. We’ll show you how and help quantify the potential benefits / ROI of your investment.


Build a successful business!

Providian offers a specialized Business management solution for construction and project management companies. It offers flexible instruments and project management methods throughout the entire cycle: project bidding, planning, execution and management. This allows for a more effective distribution and management of time, machinery, resources and employees.


Streamline Your Business Processes

  • Project Costing
    • Upload BOQ for projects.
    • Project's profitability, expenses tracking and desired output extraction.
    • Material, labor costs and overheads allocation for projects.
    • Material budget setup and control.
  • Accounting & VAT
    • Real-time project cash-flow monitoring.
    • Project P&L, cost and revenue structure, project estimates versus actuals analysis.
    • VAT report generated automatically as per UAE FTA's reporting standards.
    • PDC checks issue and tracking.
    • Profitability analysis for each project detailed to record/entry level.
    • Automated construction retention amount and timeline tracking.
  • Reporting
    • Real-time reporting.
    • Comprehensive reporting tool with ability to customize reports as per your layouts.
    • Get information about current status of the company in one click.
    • Information available anytime, anywhere.
  • Approvals and collaboration
    • Easy and flexible custom approval process designer.
    • Approvals for sales, procurement, HR, finance transactions.
    • Custom alerts and notifications (emails, popups).
    • Build-in messenger for transactions and projects for inter-company communication.
  • Procurement
    • Procurement requisitions from sites.
    • Consolidated view of what was ordered, what is in transition, what was received in one screen.
    • Materials and inventory orders, purchase, transfer and consumption.
    • Material limits tracking and control.
  • Sales
    • Invoice creation based on % of project completion directly from the software.
    • Accounts receivable aging and control.
    • Estimates & quotations creation, revision and tracking of changes history.
    • Progressive Invoicing

Industry Benefits

Faster Access: Fast access to reports and dashboards for management for timely decision making.

Platform: A platform to streamline processes and employees collaboration.

Efficiency: Increased efficiency of your employees by reducing manual data entry.

Mobility: Web-access from anywhere and anytime

Security: Data security

Customization: Customized reports as per your layouts.

GCC Tax Compliance: The UAE Tax compliance.

Resource Monitoring: Control over resources used on projects


Better Financial Control: Track your financial results based on various projects, sub-projects, departments and more. Simplify project invoicing and control your expenses.

Optimized Reporting: Get reports of the resources being used-materials, labor, mechanization, and services by stages of work or specific construction projects.

Prompt Decision Making: Get quick access to essential financial and accounting dati a well as specialized analyses and reports, in order to make better decisions.

Improved Project Management: Automate the management and tracking of all activities from the beginning of the project till its end The solution helps you manage your contracts with investors and subcontractors.