Infor CPQ

Infor CPQ


No matter how complex your multi-site, global scenario, you must be able to respond quickly and accurately to customer demand. That includes producing customized products on the tightest of schedules to the most stringent customer specifications.
It’s simply what the marketplace has come to expect these days, and forward-thinking manufacturers not only meet the expectations; they exceed them with unprecedented speed and agility.
The key is having the right technology support for guided, customized product configuration at the point of sale, helping you simplify your selling processes and meet your customer commitments.

  • Improve order accuracy.
  • Ensure every order is feasible.
  • Reduce lead times.
  • Meet customer expectations and increase sales.

Product configuration

More accurate price quotes – faster!
Power your entire network with Infor’s advanced configure-price-quote technology

Addressing the specific needs of manufacturers and distributors of complex products, Infor Product Configurator turns the configuration of the most complex products into an error-free and intuitive process. Deploy this top configure-price-quote solution within a specific sales function—or across all applications and computing platforms—to easily build comprehensive product models.

  • Unique Advantages

    Manufacturers and distributors can boost their sales by leveraging the configure-price-quote (CPQ) capabilities of Infor Product Configurator to accelerate product configuration, pricing and quoting across all selling channels.

    This image-driven, user-friendly solution guarantees one vision from order to delivery, while slashing costs and boosting profits. Let your salesforce, partners and distributors provide customers with the ideal buying experience—it’s visual, speedy and accurate!

    Use Infor’s visual, rules-based configurator software to:

    • Convert new sales reps or dealers into product experts;
    • Delete order errors;
    • Access preferred vendor locations.

    A highly flexible solution, Infor’s Product Configurator integrates with virtually any system, eliminating expensive customizations.

  • Product Characteristics
    • Online configuration;
    • Full quote, including the manufacturing slip;
    • Client portal;
    • Integrated with SolidWorks
    • Several different versions;
    • Retailer portal;
    • CAD-CAM interfaces;